"I am writing to thank you for helping me with painting my home.  You made the process of choosing the right colors so easy and because of your expertise, the end result really added value to my home and a much better look to the property.   I appreciate that you cooperated so nicely with my homeowners association in complying with their rules on colors and brand of paint.

Because I had renters moving in, it was important that the work was done in the allotted time we agreed upon.  Even with the challenge of working around difficult weather conditions, you came through on time.  I am sure this was accomplished because you were willing to work over and above the hours that would be considered a normal day.

With the care you took in preparation before, and clean-up after, it is obvious to me you take great pride in a job well done.  I actually think my home was cleaner when you left than it was when you arrived.  Something not often experienced when having any kind of work at ones home.

Your painting skills are the best and you are a professional through and through ... who could ask for anything more!  I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a really dedicated and talented painter.

Best of all, the price was right! Thanks Gabe."

- Lela Kelly of Naples, Florida